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Tesla Model X

  • Tesla Model X in for full car PPF finished with Gyeon PPF coatingĀ providing Incredible protection, maximum gloss and durability on the Paint protection Film. The car was treated to the following:
    • Safe wash
    • Full Decontamination
    • Clay bar to remove any foreign bodies embedded within the paint
    • PPF (Paint Protection Film) installed to whole car
    • PPF coated with Gyeon PPF coating
    • Exterior glass polished and coated with Gyeon View
    • Full interior clean
    • Leather seats, steering wheel coated with Gyeon Leathershield
    • Door cards and carpets coated using Gyeon certified products
    • Alloy wheels removed and then Ceramic coated with Gyeon Rim
    • Brake Calipers polished and coated with Gyeon Rim