Why PPF your car?

Stop fearing stone chips, scratches, road salt and tough dirt.

Driving your car daily will come under pressure from stone chips, scratches, road salt and tough dirt. Also, weathers and everyday road damage is the worst! But with a layer of Hexis body fence car paint protection film? You’ll worry a lot less and enjoy driving a lot more.

Here at Artistic detailing we use a paint protection film called, the BodyFence developed by Hexis. PPF is a transparent adhesive film which will protect your vehicle against external aggressions: scratches, stone chips, abrasion, UV rays. Furthermore, the film will act to facilitate cleaning by preventing dirt from sticking to the paintwork.

By taking note of your cars vehicle registration number we buy a pre-cut piece of film specifically designed for your cars make, model and age.

We offer a few options for our paint protection film services:

Front bumper covering
From £1200
Takes 2 days

Extended front bumper covering
From £1500
Takes 2 days

A full vehicle covering
Takes 3+ days

For the best results, we recommend Paint Protection Film (PPF) as part of our detailing services and packages.

What are you waiting for?

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