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Range Rover Westminster Edition

  • Huge project completed on this Range Rover Westminster Edition. Multi Stage machine polish and protected using Gyeon’s Duraflex coating providing incredible protection and maximum gloss and durability.The car was treated to the following:
    • Safe wash
    • Full Decontamination
    • Clay bar to remove any foreign bodies embedded within the paint
    • Multiple stages of polishing to remove heavy swirls and scratches within the paint
    • New ‘Range Rover’ Badges fitted on bonnet and bottled
    • Paintwork Coated with Gyeon Duraflex
    • Exterior glass polished and coated with Gyeon View
    • Plastic trims enhanced and coated Gyeon Trim
    • Full interior clean
    • Leather seats, door cards and carpets coated using Gyeon certified products
    • Alloy wheels refurbished gloss black and Ceramic coated with Gyeon Rim
    • Exhausts cleaned and coated Gyeon Rim
    • Brake Caliper and Hub sanded, primed and painted in gloss black, then ceramic coated with Gyeon Rim
    • New gloss black wheel bolts ceramic coated and fitted