Mercedes AMG GTC

The Full Artistic Detail carried out on this incredible Mercedes AMG. Countless hours chasing paint perfection using and protected using Gyeon’s Duraflex coating providing incredible protection and maximum gloss and durability.

Our processes include the following:

  • Safe wash
  • Full Decontamination
  • Clay bar to remove any foreign bodies embedded within the paint
  • Multi stage paint correction chasing 95% paint perfection
  • Coated with Gyeon Duraflex
  • Plastic trims enhanced and coated
  • Full interior clean
  • Fabric seats, door cards and carpets coated using Gyeon certified products
  • Alloys removed deep cleaned and Ceramic coated
  • Calipers and Hubs protected with Gyeon Rim
  • Fabric Roof Deep Cleaned and Protected with Gyeon Fabric Coat
  • Engine bay cleaned, degreased and dressed
  • All exterior windows polished and coated with Gyeon View